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Whatever steps you take to ensure your workplace is a safe environment, there will always be times when extra safety precautions need to be taken. This is where Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) comes into its own.

One of the riskiest situations employees may be required to work in, is when they have to work at a height.

Any accident there could result in broken bones, and could even prove fatal. Protect your workers with items from the hardware and connectors range at Safetyshop.

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Safetyshop has an extensive range of hardware and connectors designed to keep your employees safe while working at a height. The range includes harnesses, lanyards, ascenders and everything else needed to prevent a fall that could result in a serious injury. While a fall is one hazard that threatens anyone working at a height, to fully protect your workers from all the hazards involved please browse our full list of personal protective equipment.

Employers today quite rightly make the safety of their employees their top priority, and at Safetyshop we understand how important it is that you get it right. If you have any questions regarding our hardware and connectors range or are not sure which item of personal protective equipment is best suited to your workplace, please give us a call. Working at a height is inevitably risky, but with our range of hardware and connectors, you and your employees can have peace of mind that it need not result in serious injury.