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Fire Safety Products

Creating an efficient fire safety plan is very important – in any workplace, it is essential to be sure that the plan will run smoothly so that everybody can be kept safe. With this in mind, there is a range of fire safety products that can make sure that your workplace is prepared for emergencies.

 Simple equipment such as fire buckets can be added to your fire safety plan. You can opt for plastic or metal, with or without lids. Keep sand or water in them and this could help you to deal quickly and easily with a small, localised fire. 

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Some workplaces may find it beneficial to have megaphones. Large warehouses, for example, mean that people can be working in all different areas and may not easily hear any instructions that are being issued. A megaphone can solve that problem. Some have an inbuilt siren to ensure that the alarm is raised easily to warn all workers. Escape ladders can also provide workers with peace of mind. These fire safety products are perfect for placing in offices on the first floor and any floor higher than this so that there is an additional escape route if a fire should block a corridor. These are lightweight items but will hold a significant weight, and are complete with stand-offs so that the ladder is not leaning against the side of the building. They are supplied with their own box and need no preparation to be deployed in the event of an emergency.