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Inspection, Quality & Calibration Labels

Calibration labels are a small but important part of any workplace, especially those that use equipment that needs to be checked regularly. Calibration labels provide a quick, easy and efficient way for you to keep abreast of when your equipment was last checked, and when it needs to be checked again.

There are a variety of options to choose from when it comes to calibration labels; some are tamper-resistant, some are easy to remove and some of them can be written on. The wide range of products Safetyshop offers means we are able to provide you with the calibration labels most suited to your needs.

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If you work in an environment where there is oily, greasy machinery, such as on a construction site or in a garage, Calibration Labels for Oily and Greasy Surfaces are the calibration labels for you. These labels are backed with a special pressure-sensitive adhesive that easily sticks to oily or greasy surfaces. The labels are chemical resistant and highly durable, with a write-on surface that is also smudge-proof.

For cleaner, oil-free surfaces, Aluminium Foil Write-On Labels are smudge-free and stay permanently debossed once marked. We also have a number of different types of calibration labels for use on cables. One of our simplest, most effective options are the Electrical Safety Write-On Cable Markers - CALIBRATED BY/DATE that clearly show when safety testing has been carried out on cables and wires.

We also offer tamper-resistant calibration labels; these high-quality labels are made from vinyl and can be used to stop unauthorised adjustments being made to equipment.

For extra organisational needs, Vinyl Cloth Write-On Labels are the perfect choice. These versatile calibration labels come with an easy-to-use colour coding system that allows you to see when your equipment was last calibrated or tested, and when it next needs to be calibrated or tested, more easily. We also offer a polyester version which is self-laminating.

If you are still not sure what type of calibration label is best for your office or workplace, get in touch with Safetyshop, and we will help you find the right product.