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Whether you’re writing safety notices, marking workplace hazards or delivering health and safety training, having the right kind of stationery is a big help. The most important thing about safety-related instructions is that they are obvious and easy to spot, so you’ll need big, high contrast pens to write them. You’ll need to be able to leave marks on different coloured backgrounds and on materials like metal and plastic, so versatility is the order of the day, and most managers keep quite a range of stationery items

It’s always a good idea to have a whiteboard in the workplace so that you can use it for instructions that change day to day, including important safety notices. This means that you’ll need whiteboard pens, ideally in several colours so that you can distinguish different messages and make sure they stand out. This is just one of the areas where having the right workplace stationery really matters.

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Because stationery can run out abruptly, it’s always a good idea to have more than you immediately need. Planning ahead also gives you the opportunity to take advantage of special offers and clearance sales. It means that you won’t find you’re suddenly lacking the tools you need to deliver safety messages in the manner your workforce has grown used to. You can generally buy pens in packs in order to save money and make it easier to keep track of expenses.

You should always make sure that you have the stationery you need for proper record keeping, both in your main office and in areas where workers come and go. Chunky pens are a good idea for workers wearing gloves who may have difficulty manipulating standard-sized implements. Where workers can make direct notes upon encountering problems, it’s much easier to keep your workforce safe.

Buyers’ guide

When buying pens and other markers for your workplace, you’ll need to take into account not only the surfaces you expect to be writing on but also the stresses your marks will be exposed to. In many industrial environments, for instance, damp is an issue, and the same can apply if you’re writing outdoors, so a moisture-resistant ink or pen is necessary. If you want messages to last, then in most environments you will have to write using a substance that doesn’t fade in sunlight.

Just as it can be important to have indelible pens, so it can be important to have pens whose imprint can be quickly wiped away, and not just for your whiteboard. This makes it easier to display temporary messages directly in the places where they’re needed.

As well as communications equipment, our stationery range includes special pens that you can use to determine whether bank notes are forged. These are particularly useful if you work for a public-facing organisation and frequently accept cash from strangers. Using a pen like this, it only takes a moment to test that cash and be confident of whether it is genuine or not.


Isn’t it possible to use any kind of marker pen on a whiteboard?

You can often get away with using ordinary marker pens on whiteboards but some will stain badly and almost all will leave a slight trace. Over time, those traces will build up and the whiteboard will be ruined. It will cost you quite a bit more to replace that than simply to buy the proper pens in the first place.

Are there some surfaces that it’s impossible to write on?

With the right stationery, you can write on any surface as long as it’s reasonably smooth. There are some, however that you should approach with caution. For instance, you should not use oil-based pens on latex because they can cause it to corrode.