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Surgical Tapes

Spills of any kind can be problematic, whether it’s water causing a slip hazard, chemicals that could corrode surfaces or harm workers, or biohazardous material that could lead to cross-contamination or viral outbreak. It is therefore imperative that medical centres, workplaces, educational establishments and community spaces of every kind are well equipped to deal with the range of spillages that they might encounter. From sorbent rolls and anti-slip spill mats to sorbent socs for chemical spills, sorbent pillows and all manner of storage containers and bins to dispose of waste matter, SafetyShop has something for every spill.

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surgical tapes

Our range of spill control products has been specifically gathered to ensure that leakages, overflows and discharges of every kind can be dealt with quickly and efficiently, with harmful waste manner disposed of safely and within guidelines. For spills that occur within low risk environments, there are eco-friendly sorbent pads, which are available in three absorbencies to tackle a multitude of substances, as well as sorbent material rolls for a convenient and easily stored spillage solution, and Xtreme Sorb absorbent powder, which makes clearing liquids easier than ever. SafetyShop is also proud to stock a variety of refills for our products, as well as storage bins, dispensers and signage that tells workers or members of the public where to head in search of the correct equipment to handle the spill.

For heavy-duty spills or those that involve chemicals or hazardous substances, SafetyShop offers a number of high-quality, compliant products, including oil, chemical or maintenance sorbents for use in garages, factories and workshops, or laboratories, essential ADR vehicle spill kits, which can be carried in vans, trucks and trailers in the event of spillages and leaks, and the overpack drum spill emergency safety kit, designed for the absorption of oil, chemicals and maintenance fluids, as well as a special high-visibility absorbent matting for hazardous substances. As with the range for lesser-duty spill control, these products come with suitable handling and storage accessories, including our wheeled spill truck, the Xtreme Sorb recycling pack, a grit bin and a spill barrier to contain matter until it can be cleaned.

Our customer service operators are on hand every day to talk you through the kinds of product you might need, and where to find everything – please don’t hesitate to give us a call.