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Skin Cleansers & Antiseptic Wipes

Disinfectant wipes and gels can be found in a variety of workplaces, such as hospitals, schools and doctors’ surgeries, but are also an integral part of any first aid kit.

The Health and Safety Executive advises that all workplace first aid kits should include disinfectant wipes, and it would be wise to invest in gel hand sanitizers as a way to try to cut down on the spread of infection, such as common colds.

We have a great range of products available when it comes to disinfectant products, and we are happy to advise on any queries you may have. 

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Our Water Gel Hand Sanitiser kills 99.9% of all germs. They would be a great addition to any workplace, even for those who work in traditional office environments. The bottles are small and discreet enough to sit on any desk for workers to use when they feel necessary. The 240ml bottle would work well in employee bathrooms. Our HypaClean Alcohol Free Skin Cleansing Wipes can be used without either soap or water and have an anti-bacterial formula that stops the spread of germs. They have an easy snap lid dispenser, making them easy to use and perfect for schools and doctors’ surgeries, where germs and infections are more prolific. As an addition to a first aid kit, you can’t go wrong with Pre-Injection Swabs, which kill 90% of bacteria on the skin’s surface and can be used to clean skin prior to administering injections.