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Cold Therapy Supplies

The practice of using hot and cold therapies to treat aches and pains, bruises and swelling, and burns and grazes is one that can greatly alter the outcome of a workplace accident or an injury at home. The right treatment, administered as quickly as possible, can reduce the risk of permanent damage and begin your body’s own natural healing process long before you’re able to seek emergency care at a hospital or within a clinic environment. It is, therefore, essential that all first aid kits are stocked with the correct equipment for such eventualities, and SafetyShop has everything you could need.

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cold therapy supplies

Repetitive strain injuries caused by doing the same tasks over and over again, and stresses and strains that occur when we perhaps don’t listen to our bodies as we work, are common in the workplace and often felt most at home. Our reusable hot and cold packs and Hypacool fast-acting free spray are handy items for any first kit, allowing anyone suffering from a sprain, bruise or swelling, or general aches and pains to instantly and effectively relieve their pain, without the risk of further damage being caused. Versatile in their uses, these products are the best way to target most kinds of pain until further help can be sought. The reusable hot and cold packs are most effective when used in the presence of the hot and cold therapy sleeve.

While hot and cold therapies can both be used to target pain, cooling products are also commonly used in the application of burn treatments, enabling first aiders to do all they can for a patient before vital medical care can be accessed. For such purposes, certain workplaces should never be without a CoolTherm professional burns first aid kit, which contains everything you need to treat a range of burns injuries; cooling dressings, sterile wipes, dry bandages, safety pins, gloves and shears to remove items of clothing in haste will ensure treatment is administered quickly and safely.

Here at SafetyShop, it’s our mission to ensure that you have the very best products to hand, whether you’re intending to use them for professional purposes or personal use, and regardless of your circumstances. For this reason, many of our products can be bought as refills or in conjunction with other items essential to your first aid kit. If you’re ever unsure of what you need, please do contact us.