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Clinical Waste Bags

Working in the medical profession, you know how important it is to dispose of clinical waste correctly and in the safest manner possible. Regardless of whether the matter is contaminated or not, there are health and safety guidelines in place to dictate how such waste should be discarded and then destroyed. While sharps bins, clinical waste containers and clean-up kits make easy work of bulky items, biohazardous materials and spillages, the clinical waste bags stocked by SafetyShop ensure that no job is left undone.

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clinical waste bags

Our waste bags, which are coded yellow to indicate their containment of clinical or highly infectious waste, are suitable for articles such as wound dressings, swabs, incontinence pads, emptied stoma bags, used wipes, nappies and cloths or tissues that have been used to clear up clinical spillages or bodily fluid. They should never be used for the disposal of sharp items, such as needles, or household waste. Sold in packs of 50 for the smaller bags or 100 for the larger bags, these clinical waste bags are vital for the segregation of potentially biohazardous materials; you should not attempt to dispose of such matter without one. Each bag is printed with disposal instructions, ensuring that waste is safely incinerated rather than taken elsewhere.

Available in handy packs of 25, SafetyShop’s durable vomit bags are another means of safely disposing of clinical waste, keeping matter contained until it can be disposed of correctly. Ideal for schools, workplaces, transport and events, each bag is lined to prevent leaks and spillages, which could greatly increase the risk of contamination. These bags can be used in personal and professional settings, quickly accessed should a friend, family member or colleague begin to feel under the weather. Their small size, particularly when stored, means that you can keep your first aid kit stocked without taking up too much room.

If you’re looking to purchase clinical waste bags, vomit bags or products for the secure removal and disposal of clinical and biohazardous waste, please do take your time to browse our dedicated department; our products meet current safety standards and HSE legislation, ensuring you can dispose of clinical matter in the most efficient and compliant way. We only stock the best quality products, so you can be assured that our items will do everything you need them to.