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Cheap Safety Signs & Labels

One of the most important parts of health and safety at work is the clear signing or labelling of potential hazards in the workplace. Businesses have a duty to both visitors and employees to ensure that they are aware of the potential hazards in the workplace and where to take extra care to ensure their own safety and that of others. Labels and signs can provide information on action to be taken or to warn of danger. To be effective, labels and signs must comply with any safety regulations and must be durable and fade resistant.

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Safetyshop stocks a wide range of labels and signs that can be positioned around the workplace to provide safety notices and guidance. Our A3 Site Safety Warning Dangerous signs are a compact way of displaying a number of safety instructions. In compliance with governmental regulations on safety signs, mandatory actions that must be taken are displayed on a blue circular background with a central white pictogram. All the symbols on the signs comply with ISO 7010. Our Danger Highly Flammable Material signs conform to all standards for depicting symbols on warning signs as well as all health and safety legislation on signage and signs. Display it around the workplace in areas where there is a potential hazard due to the storage of highly flammable materials and provide a clear warning to both employees and visitors that additional care is required.