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Cheap Personal Protective Equipment

When it comes to certain professions, including those that are undertaken in laboratory environments, workshops, factories and construction settings, your personal safety and that of those you employ is paramount. The kinds of clothing and equipment that you wear and provide, therefore, are absolutely vital for ensuring you remain safe, as well as affecting the kind of work you’re able to do. Many tasks simply couldn’t be completed without the right kind of safety equipment, while you’d be unwise to attempt a whole range of other jobs without first thinking of what you’re wearing.

Our cheap personal protective equipment and clothing is ideal for any budget, without compromising on quality.

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cheap personal protective equipment

Sometimes the clothes we wear are more important than the equipment we use. If you work on a construction site, alongside hazardous materials or within an industry that’s particularly trying, you’re going to need items of clothing that will protect your every move. SafetyShop has a whole range of protective clothing items online, including work trousers, polo shirts designed with labour in mind, and zip-front coveralls that can be used in a variety of settings. These garments retain the highest quality without costing a large chunk of your budget, which is ideal for any business looking to clothe an entire workforce.

As well as protective clothing, we specialise in a host of other protective products that your workplace shouldn’t be without, including adaptable earmuffs that will block out harmful levels of noise, safety compliant Kevlar gloves in a range of sizes to protect fingers and hands from a range of substances that workers may come into contact with, and disposable face masks to ensure workers can breathe in safety. For those operating in potentially hazardous conditions, such as members of the pharmaceutical industry who will be handling chemicals on a daily basis, we recommend chemical resistant coveralls. Our Tychem C chemical resistant overalls are available in a wide range of sizes and meet all HSE standards to keep the risk of exposure to a minimum.

SafetyShop stocks a wide variety of personal protective clothing and equipment, and all for a reasonable price; whether you’re buying for personal use or purchasing stock for your workplace, our quality is never compromised. If you require any advice regarding our products, please do give us a call. Our team is dedicated to providing accurate and helpful information, in a friendly manner.