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Cheap Inventory Tags & Labels

We have a wide array of inventory tags and labels available to help you keep track of all your products, items and equipment.

Keeping track of equipment or stock can be a difficult task, and while it’s often part of everyday life for some businesses or work environments, it need not be something to stress over.

As long as you keep your equipment, products and inventory clearly labelled at all times, it should be easy enough to keep track of everything.

This is where our inventory tags and labels step in, so take a look at our range of products and get in touch if you cannot find exactly what you’re looking for.

There are no products matching the selection.

Our vinyl cloth labels are especially popular when it comes to labelling. These labels are strong, durable and incredibly hardwearing, but also offer high visibility and recognition with their strong yellow background, and black numbering or lettering. The stickers are self-adhesive and easily stick to almost any surface, and can be used more than once, making them a great investment. We have similar products available for outdoor use as well, although these vinyl stickers come in a black and white colourway, rather than black and yellow. They are great for use on machinery, equipment, doors and bins and can be used in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +82°C. They are also resistant to UV rays, grease, water, mild solvents and abrasion, making them good for use on construction sites and in warehouses and garages.